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And when in the store, be sure to check our our new Airports of Mexico guide book.  Also known as the "Red Book, it is all new for 2020. 

Information has been checked and re-checked and we have added more Mexican airports including the soon to open airport at Creel. 

Also, for the curious, we have added all the ICAO airports in Cuba.  Not that US pilots will be landing there, it is for our foreign members as well as those that overfly Cuba and are looking for an emergency landing place (no problem) 

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Baja Bush Pilots eAPIS 

As a BBP Member, You can file your eAPIS for international travel.  When filing to / from Mexico from the US, our eAPIS does both countries at once.

Click here to see a sample US/MX manifest



Airport web cameras for checking weather in Mexico and Guatemala

   USCBP (Customs)  

    Click USCBP for US Airport of entrys sorted by state  
Note, this is a dated list and may or may not be correct.  Use caution regarding using listed AOE airports.  Best to call port and confirm.

Special BBP Alert.  Brown International (KSDM) requires that you telephone the port directly and request permission to land prior to departure from Mexico. When getting permission, be sure to note the date and time as well as the CBP officer's name for future reference.


NOTAMS / Alerts
We have made a small change on our Member menu.  I have made two choices on that menu, one for BBP Alerts and the second for NOTAMS.  The NOTAM choice will take you into the FAA database that covers the US as well as Mexico, Central America, etc.  All should review NOTAMS for their destination....

Mexican Liability insurance
The BBP now provides Mexican Liability insurance for aircraft that are not older than 50 years.  This is a change as in the past, our underwriter allowed aircraft between 50 and 60 years old to be insured through a special application process.
There are some US underwriters in the US that do cover Mexico's liability requirements.  If your aircraft is more than 50 years old, this could be a solution.

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