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 BBP APIS for combined US and Mexico is now up

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Baja Bush Pilot's escorted trips


Date Status Event Days
Oct 24, 2016 Closed Mexico's Copper Canyon 6
Jan 09, 2017 Open soon CenAm 17, MEX, GUT, HON 7
Feb 23, 2017 Open soon Whales 2017, Loreto MEX 4





Mexico's Copper Canyon

Join Jack and other BBP Members as we do the Copper Canyon.
Seven  times larger than the Grand Canyon, we will be visiting a remote area of Mexico that most have never seen.  Five days on the very edge of one of biggest canyons in the world.  And, as a special bonus, we will be doing the longest and highest zip line in the world located a short 1/2 mile from our hotel.   So, it is the Chihuahua Pacifico up to the Hotel Posada Barrancas Mirador Hotel, three days on top, and then it is back down again. The BBP has done this trip more than fourteen times over the past years and next to Whales, it is the most requested trip by our members.  Read more, sign up, mark you calendar, and start thinking about packing....   Lets Fly South!


Closed, for all on the trip:
1)  1/13/16: Trip book goes out this Tuesday Morning via email
2)  1/20/16:  No change, I am going to Los Mochas on Sunday, over to Fuerte Monday.

3)  1/23/16:  Am in el Fuerte. The time here is one hour later than if in Phoenix i.e. it is 5:00         in PHX and 6:00 in Fuerte.  No other changes, concerns

CenAm 2017 

I asked, you answered, I listened:  We are making a huge change to our CenAm / Cuba trip early '17.  Based on Member input, we will be doing a pure Central America trip i January and then a pure Cuba trip in April.  I have taken the current trip down and will have both CenAm and Cuba up in the near future.  Thanks to all for the input.  

Looking at the needs of our West Coast Members, this year will find us meeting in Laredo, TX and continuing on to Veracruz for the first night. Then it is on to La Cieba, Honduras to check in and pick up fuel and then out to Rotan and Fosters Resort for two nights. (this is where the BBP Olympics will happen)

Then, it is out to Havana for four nights continuing on overnighting in Florida and then on to Texas where we wrap up the trip in the "Big Easy" on Burbon Street.


Whales 2017 

This year will find us in Loreto Mexico at the Inn of Loreto Bay. This beautiful golf resort is located on one of the nicest beaches in all of Baja, offers an unlimited number of things to do, and promises to be a great change from downtown Loreto. In addition to the resort pool and white beaches, complementary things to do include mountain biking, paddle boating, kayaking, paddle surfing, and snorkeling.  And for a little more money, there is golf, cave tours, day trips into the mountains, boat tours, and more.
And we have not forgotten about old town Loreto. On each of the two whales days, we will have shuttles running on a regular schedule to take you into Loreto for its shopping, food, and cultural experiences. 

Watch for more information here


Cuba trips.

We now provide two ways for you to visit Cuba, all legal and meet the requirements of both the Cuban and US governments.

Option 1)  An all-inclusive group trip lead by BBP staff. The BBP takes care of all paperwork for you as well as your aircraft. A typical trip is 6 days, 5 nights and is in three different Cuban Cities.  Included are rooms, meals, (excluding lunches) scheduled ground transportation, and scheduled tours.  On these trips, both Claudia and Jack are your tour leaders.
Option 2)  The BBP will put together a custom trip to fit the unique needs of a person.  We will manage the entire trip be it one or more locations in Cuba regarding both the air and ground needs.  Per OFAC rules and guidelines, we provide a BBP person to accompany you as a personal guide while in Cuba.



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BBP APIS for both Mexico and US is up  ..  
1,200 manifests and counting.  That is what the BBP processed in the past 10 weeks.  And the response has been overwhelming.
Filing to both the US and Mexico through special portals, our program contains databases that remembers past flights,  aircraft, crew, passengers, and more.
And it will do a reverse manifest, file to go down, reverse and it will file you to come back. 
And this services is being provided to our members at no charge….

Read what some of our members are saying:
It’s a great product, keep up the good work.  Rick
Just another reason to continue to support the BBP and the work that….  Don
Thank you so much for your efforts to make this (APIS) simpler. Angle
Your APIS is a WOW, thanks for all you do.  George
Thanks Jack for your EPIS service. 
Mexican law does require all GA flights to have submitted an APIS whenever crossing the border.  In the near future, the hammer is going to come down and if you are not filing a MX APIS, you might have some serious explaining to do.
How do you use our APIS.  If you are a current member, just go into the Member section and click on APIS.  It is easy and friendly to use. If you are not a member or not current, go to our website and either update your membership or click on “Become a Member

Click here to see a sample US/MX manifest



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